We treat our customers the right way.

Below is a selection of Google and Yelp reviews for our Urban Mattress locations nationwide.

Katie Q. to Cherry Creek – Colorado
“Urban Mattress provided great service with great prices as well. I just moved to Denver from Ohio and immediately went to four different mattress stores. I quickly realized that Urban Mattress was the way to go because of the competitive prices, great service, and quick delivery. Stephen worked with me there and was very helpful, and not pushy. I really appreciated that 2% of the sale was donated to a charity of my choice. It was a great all around experience and I would (and will) recommend Urban Mattress to anyone looking to buy a new bed.”

Kassie B. to Cherry Creek – Colorado
“After almost buying a mattress at a competitor’s down the street, Urban Mattress was a breath of fresh air! Stephen was very straightforward and gave us fantastic information. I do not usually recommend stores to many people but I would be happy to recommend this store. The quality of the products at Urban Mattress are also great and I love that they donate 2% or sales to local charities. I will never buy a mattress at any store than Urban Mattress!”

Will R. to Cherry Creek – Colorado
“It’s pretty great. My wife and I really enjoyed our experience here. As we shopped around we found that the prices and quality just couldn’t be beat. They also care about the community. It was neat to see that they give a portion of their sales to local charities.”

Anna Y. on 17/11/2015 to Leesburg – Virginia
I thought the reviews were too good to be true until I checked them out. They really are that awesome. I went in looking for a twin mattress. They were patient and not pushy. They were ever honest and genuine. They really try their best to find you want you need for the price that’s better than everywhere else. Free delivery and take away of old mattress. Delivery was quick and respectful. Thank you urban mattress I am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight. 🙂

LN G. to Leesburg – Virginia
“We love shopping at Urban Mattress.

 The mattresses are high quality and there is very little pressure to buy. The employees are knowledgeable and happy to accommodate. Most recently, we needed a mattress that was a certain height for a bunk bed and Nathaniel not only pulled out a measuring tape and measured every mattress in the store for us, but he did research for us and made sure we ended up with exactly what we needed (which took some out of the box thinking).

 We have referred our friends to Urban Mattress and will continue to recommend this store to anyone who needs a mattress.”

Colin H. to Leesburg – Virginia
“Our previous experience with mattress stores is a pushy, uncomfortable sales environment. The opposite of the ambience we desire when deciding on one of the most important parts of the day—sleep. From the moment we walked in the door, Nathaniel (owner) and Corey (sleep guru) were the exact opposite of every past experience. After they answered all of our questions with ease, we decided on a bed, two pillows, and a box spring. Hands down, the BEST mattress we have EVER had. We have and will continue to recommend Urban Mattress to ANYONE interested in a new mattress. They simply are the best!!!”

Barbara P. to Leesburg – Virginia
“Amazing experience from the moment I walked in the door through delivery. Very highly recommend Urban Mattress. I would not shop anywhere else.”

J G. on 20/08/2015 to South Austin – Texas
“Urban Mattress exceeded all expectations with quiet charisma, an abundant willingness to get it right, and a generosity of spirit that they use to steer you toward your Goldilocks bed which is not too soft, not too hard, in fact, just right!”

I worked with Adam, talked to Carl, but I especially liked Marshall. All three demonstrated their company demeanor that is more like catering than sales. They work with you like they are your loyal friends who will take your discomfort “to the mattresses” as they say in the Godfather! Don’t shop for mattresses anywhere else!

Ben C. on 16/08/2015 to South Austin – Texas
“If you are searching for a new mattress in the Austin area…STOP! There is no better place than Austin Urban Mattress. Trust me on this one. Not only are they local and give back to the community, but they offer organic, top of the line products.

The buying experience is second to none. They are not ‘salesy’ and truly are concerned with finding you the product that’s best for you…not selling the most expensive mattress.”

Rachel T. on 23/04/2015 to South Austin – Texas
“It was a real pleasure shopping for my new mattress at Urban Mattress. Beautiful store, great staff, and a seriously comfortable mattress at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!”

Matt M. to South Austin – Texas
“I cannot rave about Urban Mattress enough. I walked in with the sole purpose of buying a not-too-expensive mattress from a local business. I was helped thoroughly and quickly with absolutely no pressure to spend more money than I wanted. (I was actually recommended the cheaper of two mattresses that I was choosing between.) They even donate a portion of your purchase to the local charity of your choice! 

Lastly, I even received free same-day delivery. Without a doubt, one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I’ve ever had.”

Veronica R. to San Antonio – Texas
“Urban mattress is the urban oasis of mattress stores. We dreaded having to buy a mattress but went to Urban Mattress on the recommendation of a friend. I am so glad we did. First, the selection is well rounded and they DID have something that fit our budget. We were not hustled or hassled at all. We brought three small children with us and this was one of the most painless large purchases we have ever made. The knowledge and customer service that Kip provided were excellent. I feel that he went above and beyond, not just with us but also with another set of customers he was helping too. Kip seriously has awesome patience. So happy with our purchase!!”

John O. to San Antonio – Texas
“Urban Mattress was absolutely fantastic. Usually when I walk into a mattress store I am darn near molested by sales people trying to make a commission. Kip was different. He talked to us about our options. He left us alone. He checked up on us. He held our baby so we could try out beds. He was great. Ultimately, we decided on new mattress. When we got it, 1 week in, we decided we hated it. Kip replaced it that day, no questions asked. Amazing service. Amazing new bed. Great price. What more can you ask for?”

Adam H. to San Antonio – Texas
“Great customer service and quality products. If you need a mattress this is the place to go.”

Esteban P. to North Austin – Texas
“Having a quality mattress AND a great customer experience is possible. The UM team made it fun for us. We got amazing pillows as well and they donate 2% of your purchase to one of four charities. What more can you ask!? If you are looking for a mattress, just go pay them a visit and you will have a blast, and become a mattress expert as well.”

Matt C. to North Austin – Texas
“Shopping for a mattress can be an all day affair or it can be a one-store experience that is focused on customer service. The products they carry are great and the service they provide will make you wish all retail experiences were this easy.

 We are two weeks into our new mattress and we couldn’t be happier.”

Suzi R. to North Austin – Texas
“This place is awesome. In every way. If you can have a crush on a mattress store, mine’s on Urban Mattress North Austin.”

Rachel E. to North Austin – Texas
“We had a fantastic experience with this company front to back. Our salesman was totally laid back, no pressure at all, and even worked with us to arrange payment and delivery based upon the closing of our house. Delivery was super easy, quick, courteous, and they had the bed set up within 5 minutes. We ADORE our purchase and feel like we got a tremendous value for the price point we were at. We will absolutely use this company in the future for all bedding needs.”

Jason B. to Dallas – Texas
“After shopping at Urban Mattress, why anyone would EVER step foot in one of the big box chain mattress stores is beyond me. If you’re ever in the market for a new mattress, let me save you some time and hassle and tell you Urban Mattress is the place to go. It was the least pressure, zero up-sell purchasing experience ever. Any questions we had were met with honest and complete answers. We ended up purchasing a Tempur-Pedic with an adjustable base, and we couldn’t be happier. We also received several extras free of charge. Supporting a locally owned company while receiving exceptional, zero-pressure service – jackpot!”

Sarah M. to Dallas – Texas
“Competitive pricing and great mattress shopping experience. We love the mattress we bought from here. Adam was knowledgeable and pointed us to the perfect bed for us. It was worth the drive to Urban Mattress.”

Alice K. to Dallas – Texas
“I had to get a twin bed for my son and was dreading it. I didn’t want to deal with aggressive salespeople who would try to up sell me something I wasn’t interested in. I chose Urban Mattress because I knew they had a good selection of high quality, less toxic mattresses, and came highly recommended by a good friend. I’m so glad I did, because I had a great experience. I got a great mattress at a great price, did not feel pressured into anything, all my questions were truthfully answered, and the best part was that the people working here are genuinely nice, good and helpful people. The prices are reasonable for the top-notch mattress you are getting.”

Stacey R. to Central Austin – Texas
“I hate…loathe…bed shopping. They all start feeling the same and how on earth am I suppose to know if I am going to like sleeping 8-9 hours on it by laying on it for 5 minutes?? SO, so glad I went to Urban Mattress. Isaac is so knowledgeable. He showed us three beds, explained the difference, and made sure it was in our budget. With the light, easy atmosphere we were able to freely pick which mattress suited our needs best within 30 minutes. It was a huge relief to take care of that with no pressure and brilliant advice. My bed alone is 5 stars and Isaac made the process out of this world. (See what I did there…haha!)”

Ben C. to Central Austin – Texas
“This is THE place to shop for a mattress. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They care about their customers and it shows. … I also love the fact that they are focused on giving back to the community and making Austin a better place. I highly recommend and expect that we will be back in the future.”

Annie W. to Central Austin – Texas
“Great service and a great bed! Delivery guys were awesome too. We are sleeping well.”

Frank S. to Albuquerque – New Mexico
“Attentive, no pressure, and honest feedback – just an overall great experience. Kudos to Mark and team for being different. Best place in Albuquerque to buy a mattress!”

Aaron G. to Albuquerque – New Mexico
“I’m three weeks sleeping on my new bed from Urban Mattress and I love it! I haven’t slept this good in a LONG time. My wife loves the new mattress as well, it is perfect for both of us. Mark, the owner, is wonderful and very knowledgeable about the products and the subject of sleep. If you are in the market for a new bed, go see Mark over at Urban Mattress.”

Suzanne B. to Albuquerque – New Mexico
“A+++ for customer service. I was trying to get a new mattress in a hurry after moving to Albuquerque because I had guests coming for holidays. This company researched the best choices for me based on a phone conversation and delivered AFTER 5pm the day before Thanksgiving (free delivery). They brought several choices for me to consider…to my house! I’m a very picky customer and they exceeded my standards. So far I’m happy with the mattress and the price. HIGH RECOMMENDATION for this family run company!”

Daniel N. to Fort Collins – Colorado
“Trust me, this is the best place in town! I shopped around only to end up right back at Urban Mattress. Friendly service and a quality product. The delivery was free and stress free.”

Suzanne W. to Fort Collins – Colorado
“The service was impeccable!! Bruce was extremely helpful, welcoming, and best of all- – he did not try to sell us something we didn’t need. We received a great deal today and they will deliver our king size mattress for FREE! I was happy about that one. The place was very clean and we were able to try out each mattress in order to find a match for us. I will recommend this place to all of my friends.”

Roger H. to Fort Collins – Colorado
“Fantastic place and I really love the amount of service that you are given there. They do not try to push any products onto you and they really are about getting you the mattress that fits both your style and your financial abilities. They have wonderful people there that make Urban Mattress feel just like home. I purchased a bed there for an outstanding price and have had wonderful sleep since.”

Jake E. to Centennial – Colorado
“Rest assured, you are dealing with a first rate company at Urban Mattress … no sleaze, no pressure and great service.”

Dan H. to Centennial – Colorado
“Urban Mattress is fabulous! They are very professional, and will go the extra mile to be sure you get the mattress that is just right for you. 

I would sincerely recommend Urban Mattress to anyone who wants a quality sleep experience and stellar Customer Service at a very competitive price. I’m not embellishing my review, either. I’m really impressed.”

Bernadine T. to Centennial – Colorado
“Absolutely top notch experience. Ethan was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and listened to my needs without being pushy or trying to convince me to go over my budget. I would buy from him again and I have already recommended Urban Mattress to friends, family and co-workers. Well worth checking this store out.”

John M. to Boulder – Colorado
“There is simply no better place in Boulder, or maybe anywhere, to buy a bed! I have bought many beds over the years and in general the experiences have not been great. Usually it is like going and trying to buy a used car! Urban Mattress was a completely different and uniquely excellent experience.”

Momo O. to Boulder – Colorado
“Just go here. I don’t think a business can get better. This is why:
– Staff/customer service: SUPERB. Knowledgeable, zero pressure, zero rush, they work with you patiently and attentively.
– Prices: incredibly fair. They don’t do bargaining or sleazeball used car lot tactics. Just honest pricing. What a relief.
– Mattresses: Large selection and green green green! We’re all Boulderites, and we all love being eco friendly and conscious. So does Urban Mattress. They have a wide variety of beds made from natural materials, and I’m thrilled knowing that I made a purchase that might actually nobly and quickly decompose in a land fill.
– Delivery: Quick delivery, professional delivery staff who called me ahead of time the day of the delivery to further coordinate.
I love the mattress I got there, and my only regret is that I will have to wait another 10+ years before it’s time to revisit Urban Mattress again.”

Fred F. to Boulder – Colorado
“The Urban Mattress store is well-run and they work hard to stay low-pressure. Their mattresses sell themselves, in my opinion. I purchased a mattress at the Boulder store … and the sales associates were straightforward and courteous. I am not sure how they keep their prices on their mattresses so low (the prices seemed low to me, anyhow), but I felt like I got a great deal, and a comfortable mattress for the money. I was very, very happy with my shopping experience at Urban Mattress in Boulder, and I will shop there again.”

Halli B. to Belcaro Denver – Colorado
“I had an amazing shopping experience at Urban Mattress! After spending all day visiting mattress stores, I found the best prices, best service, and most informative salespeople at Urban Mattress. I was happy to return and give my business to this establishment. Johnny and his trainee, William, were supportive, down-to-earth, and very honest with me about what would be best for me! So customer centered and altogether a successful venture! And they give you free beer while you shop! Highly suggest!”

Alexis S. to Belcaro Denver – Colorado
“Wow, what a great mattress store! I will recommend this store to anyone looking for a high quality mattress at a nice price from a locally operated store. I told the owner Steve what my budget was and he showed me some options in my price range. He was so patient and honest with me in the process because I had trouble deciding between 2 mattresses. Did I mention free shipping?! Yep, that’s right! When I need a new mattress, I will be back!”

Kristen B. to Belcaro Denver – Colorado
“We have purchased FIVE mattresses in the ten years we’ve been married (from OTHER mattress and furniture stores). All have been unpleasant experiences with unpleasant results. We were thrilled to find Urban Mattress where the owner tended to us personally and made it FUN to look for a new mattress. We were treated with kindness, told the truth, and received great service. AND to top it off, this company does so much to give back to the community! All around a FANTASTIC experience!”

Brandon R. to Belcaro Denver – Colorado
“Urban Mattress is a fantastic locally owned and operated business. They are extremely knowledgeable and their low pressure selling style allows for a wonderful shopping/buying experience. We received our bed earlier than expected and would absolutely recommend this company to anyone!”

Cristy R. to Vienna – Virginia
“There are a few things in life I really hate: going to the dentist, buying swim suits, and shopping for a mattress. I can make that list one item shorter after visiting Urban Mattress. We walked in just after 10 on a weekday morning and Kyle asked what I was looking for in a mattress. I said, “Firm, but soft.” WTF does that even mean? He showed me three mattresses and within 20 minutes I’d made a choice… Truly a terrific mattress-buying experience. I’ll never buy a mattress anywhere else, and will refer EVERYONE here!”

Missy S. to Vienna – Virginia
“You should go HERE for your next mattress…or, if you are opening a new business and want to see how to do it right. 

They are a great company offering excellent mattresses at great prices with environmentally friendly and healthy options! I only wish I had found them 2 months ago. They seemed a little amused by how happy I was to walk into the store, be shown a couple of mattresses and choose the first mattress they showed me! I got the sense that this happens – All. The. Time. What a pleasure!

 Oh, and they also give 2% to a local charity of your choice!!! Karma much!?”

Selena S. to Vienna – Virginia
“This place is AWESOME. I had a debacle with a lost mattress from an online vendor and needed a mattress the same day. Not only were they able to come through but they were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and thorough in terms of figuring out exactly what I needed. They have an extremely honest and straightforward approach. Go here if you can.”

JoJo D. to Aurora – Colorado
“Best place to buy a mattress! The owner Ryan was really nice and helpful! He worked with me on the price … and the delivery was fast. I definitely will shop here again.”

Margaux M. to Aurora – Colorado
“Excellent service…no pressure sales and same day delivery. I highly recommend them. I was able to get the floor model at a discount. Love these people.

 I have had my mattress for about 2 months and my back loves me!”

Alexis C. to Aurora – Colorado
“Great service, Ryan really took the time to help me find the right mattress. Prior to this I never went mattress shopping, and to say the least was a bit clueless as to how to approach the buying process. This was not a problem…. Ryan showed me several high quality mattresses and pillows and observed my body position to ensure that my body would receive the best support possible. Prior to buying my new mattress I had been suffering with neck, shoulder and back pain for 2 months…after the first night of sleeping on my new mattress the pain was GONE. Thank you GOD and thank you Ryan for restoring my sleep!!”

May L. to Aurora – Colorado
“This was the first store I walked in since they have such great reviews on Yelp. Nick was the sales person who helped me, very friendly, patient and knowledgeable! It was a very great experience. They offer free deliveries and donate part of your money to an organization of your choice. I thought that was super neat!”

Ana Q. to Berkeley – California
“Shopping here is as easy and stress free as it gets. Todd is super knowledgeable and helped us pick out a great mattress. He answered all of our questions and even offered us beverages. 🙂 Pricing is reasonable and we were able to find a great mattress for our modest budget.
 It’s been about a month since my fiancé and I purchased our mattress and we love it!”

Cheryl H. to Berkeley – California
“Wow! What a GREAT surprise! We researched several mattress stores from Gilroy to Berkeley and Urban Mattress EXCEEDED all others in Customer Service, Quality, Price! It was an absolute NO PRESSURE experience, filled with education on various aspects of mattresses. Thank you soooo much for an unexpected fun and enjoyable mattress purchase. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Teresa H. to Berkeley – California
“This mattress set is amazing. Very comfortable and relaxing. We just sink into it every night and sleep great. Great store, great service, great delivery people. Avoid the big box stores and visit Urban Mattress for great product at amazing prices!!!!!”