How Local Business Philanthropy Works for You

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It’s been said that a rising tide lifts all boats. At Urban Mattress, we choose to live by that philosophy with our focus on making local business philanthropy work for you and your community. Here’s how we do that, and why. How local stores, local sales staff, and local philanthropy go hand-in-glove We sell our mattresses in our local, welcoming … Read More

4 Ways You Can Help in Your Community

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No matter where you live, there are likely things you love about your community and other things you wish were a little different. While one person may not be able to change the entire community alone, your efforts combine with the efforts of others around you can make a difference. If you are looking for ways to make your community … Read More

Giving to Local Charities: Why Every Little Bit Counts

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The idea of local business philanthropy sounds good to many business owners. However, they don’t always make an effort to include it as one of their business practices. It’s just something that sounds theoretically good. However, this isn’t the case at Urban Mattress where we donate 2% of every sale to local charities. If you’re a budding philanthropist, think about … Read More

The Importance Of Local Business Philanthropy

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local business philanthropy

Giving back to your community is an important aspect of daily life. No matter where you live, there are always organizations that can benefit from your charitable donations to make a difference for those who need it. Local homeless shelters, food banks, or health charities are just some of the many organizations that rely the generosity of others to make a difference. So … Read More

Why Does Urban Mattress Support Local Charities?

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Lots of people drop spare change in the bell-ringer’s kettle in December, but how often do you think about charity the rest of the year? When you donate to charity, is it to a big, multi-national organization or to a local charity? At Urban Mattress, we support local charities and encourage others to do the same. Why should a business … Read More

Get A Good Night’s Sleep While Helping Your Community

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Supporting a local business is always a good feeling. But supporting one that makes a concerted effort to help your community is even better. When a business offers both, you’ll be able to come in and find the mattress of your dreams while feeling good with the knowledge that with your purchase, you are helping local charities. The Importance of a … Read More

Local Business Philanthropy: Giving Beyond Yourself

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One thing you should know about us is that we pride ourselves on our local business philanthropy. Because we operate as a franchise system, we give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to help and improve their community. By providing people with the ability to get a good night’s sleep on a brand new mattress at a great price, you, the customer, … Read More

Wellness for You. Wellness for Community.

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Wellness. One of those precious consequences of taking care of yourself. Every person is a unique contribution to the world, but you can’t offer your contribution if you don’t first take care of yourself. Caring for yourself encompasses three main areas: body, mind, and spirit. The body is obvious enough, but consider all the systems included in your body: skeletal, … Read More

A New Urban Mattress Store! Leesburg, VA

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Our family of super awesome stores keeps growing! This time, our newest store is in the Washington, DC area. Nathaniel Hoelk and his wife, Amanda, have owned their store in Vienna, Virginia since 2013. That store, the first Urban Mattress on the East Coast, has been so successful that this summer, they opened a second mattress store in Leesburg, VA. … Read More

2015—Looking Ahead To Social Impact

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A new year is here, a fresh start and a built-in time to reassess, take stock and set meaningful goals. We’re excited about 2015 for many reasons. First of all, our new stores are entering the year poised for success! (More about them to come later.) Second, each new year brings new opportunities for us to impact our local communities … Read More