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2830 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80303

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 7pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm

Store Owners:
Philip & Rich Lotterhos

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Inspired by our city
Urban Mattress Boulder offers competitive pricing and great customer service on the best mattresses available, including organic mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, natural mattresses, and spring mattresses.
2% to the local communinity
We are a locally owned and operated mattress store and we positively impact our city by giving back 2% of each purchase. We offer a laid-back, caring, and honest shopping experience for our customers.

At Urban Mattress, we have a simple approach: we provide a pressure-free environment where you can learn about the benefits of different styles of mattresses and find one that fits your individual sleep needs and budget.

We have a wide selection of eco-friendly mattresses (many made from 100% natural and organic materials), available in many sizes (California king, king, queen, double, full, single, etc), and we offer free delivery (often on the same day).

We promise you’ll enjoy the shopping experience at our mattress store almost as much as your new bed, so please stop by if you are in need of a good night’s sleep!

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Meet the owners

Phil & Rich Lotterhos
Urban Mattress Boulder is locally owned and operated by the father/son team of Rich and Philip Lotterhos. Philip, a music major fresh out of college, and Rich, in transition after a long career in the non-profit arena, stumbled upon the mattress business in 2008. They both instantly enjoyed the ability to meet new people every day and provide something that helps improve their daily lives. They purchased the business in 2010 as a franchise and look forward to continue providing incredible products and service while supporting our community and the people within it.

Meet the sales staff

Josh Chudyk
I have been working with Philip and Rich since they took over ownership of the store in 2010. I never thought in million years I would be a delivery driver, or a mattress salesman, or a manager of a mattress store. But, somehow Rich and Philip convinced me to give it a shot with the high hope that we could build a great business – one that I would believe in and be proud to have been a part of growing. The promise of being able to help grow something other than a houseplant was enough to get my attention, but they also promised to pay me… maybe someday anyway. During the last five years, I have learned that running this small business is so much more than just selling mattresses. It’s about being a place where people come to get help with their overall well-being. It’s about being a local store the community can trust and depend on. Our customers count on us to provide products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. They depend on us to bring the community the top innovations and quality found in this market. They expect us to provide excellent customer service and a trustworthy educational sales approach. Lastly, they depend on us to care about and give back to this community in order to keep stimulating this beautiful city we live in. The desire to help make Urban Mattress a great, dependable, local business combined with my love for people and the chance to help them enjoy better sleep and overall well-being is what has made working here so great – it’s why you’ll still find me here. I almost forgot one more thing I love about working here… I really love my required daily research into how comfortable each of our mattresses are so if you come in and find me (sleeping) lying on one… trust me, it’s research and it’s all for you – my beloved customer.

Ken Miller
In addition to his extensive knowledge of sleep and sleep products, Ken is extremely well connected in the local community. Ken is a professional coach and consultant in enterprise leadership and personal well-being. Ken serves on the boards of several local non profits and advises local service providers and public officials regarding the eradication of poverty and homelessness. He also hosts a local radio show (The Collaborative Community on KGNU) focused on building collaboration around social justice and sustainability.

Our mattress store proudly shares 2% of our sales with the following non-profit groups:

Loved by our customers

 //  John M.
There is simply no better place in Boulder, or maybe anywhere, to buy a bed! I have bought many beds over the years and in general the experiences have not been great. Usually it is like going and trying to buy a used car! Urban Mattress was a completely different and uniquely excellent experience.

 //  Momo O.
Just go here. I don’t think a business can get better. This is why:
– Staff/customer service: SUPERB. Knowledgeable, zero pressure, zero rush, they work with you patiently and attentively.
– Prices: incredibly fair. They don’t do bargaining or sleazeball used car lot tactics. Just honest pricing. What a relief.
– Mattresses: Large selection and green green green! We’re all Boulderites, and we all love being eco friendly and conscious. So does Urban Mattress. They have a wide variety of beds made from natural materials, and I’m thrilled knowing that I made a purchase that might actually nobly and quickly decompose in a land fill.
– Delivery: Quick delivery, professional delivery staff who called me ahead of time the day of the delivery to further coordinate.
I love the mattress I got there, and my only regret is that I will have to wait another 10+ years before it’s time to revisit Urban Mattress again.

 //  Fred F.
The Urban Mattress store is well-run and they work hard to stay low-pressure. Their mattresses sell themselves, in my opinion. I purchased a mattress at the Boulder store … and the sales associates were straightforward and courteous. I am not sure how they keep their prices on their mattresses so low (the prices seemed low to me, anyhow), but I felt like I got a great deal, and a comfortable mattress for the money. I was very, very happy with my shopping experience at Urban Mattress in Boulder, and I will shop there again.

 //  James N
I would highly recommend Urban Mattress to everyone, regardless of budget as they have great mattresses in all price ranges. The best part is the staff as they genuinely work with you to make sure you get the best bed with no pressure to buy.

 //  Rachel V
Very knowledgeable and was happy to spend time educating me about the different types of mattresses. Without a doubt I’m now sleeping on the best mattress I’ve ever owned. Thank you!

Urban Mattress Boulder is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by 98 reviewers.

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