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Experience the perfect support of specially made and selected springs, and the softness of superb fillings such as real Shetland Isle wool, silk and cashmere. Vi-Spring takes the time to find out what true comfort means to you, and then constructs a bespoke bed with a level of luxury that will transform the quality of your rest. A Vi-Spring mattress offers supreme comfort. When it is paired with a Vi-Spring divan, both parts work in harmony to enhance the quality of your night’s rest. Every Vi-Spring mattress is meticulously constructed by hand, to order, by men and women who have trained for years to learn their craft.


If you're ready to experience the ultimate comfort, browse our Vi-Spring mattresses to find out more about each of their benefits and find the right one for your home. Visit one of our mattress store locations near you to experience all of our luxurious mattress brands--including Vi-Spring .


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