1. We speak the truth
2. We provide the best prices
3. We are educators, not salesmen
4. We take pride in providing you the best quality service & products
5. No spiffs
6. Same day delivery
7. We have done the research & have only the best products for you to choose from
8. All locations of Urban Mattress are locally owned and operated
9. We are a family business
10. No creepy salesmen here
We are sleep experts. We are inspired to offer our expertise and experiences by helping you choose a mattress that’s right for you. Our products are the latest and the most technologically advanced sleeping systems on the market. We always offer the most competitive pricing for mattresses, pillows & accessories. We are able to do this by being a member of the largest mattress-buying group in America. This advantage allows us to pass the savings on to you. We buy our products at the same pricing as the large chain stores and then we sell them for less and your tax dollars stay right here in our community. 
Our goal is simple – to continually grow our business by consistently doing the right thing and in the process help to make our customers our greatest fans.
* We are local members of the Chamber of Commerce. Se Habla Español.


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